The New Sales Enablement Standard: How 250+ Sales Leaders Grow Revenue With a Sales Readiness Approach

Revenue and sales leaders from around the globe approach getting teams ready to sell.

Setting the standard

How ready are today’s sellers? Do you want to see where you stack up against other organizations struggling to get their teams ready for the buying moments that matter? 

In this report created in partnership with Heinz Marketing, we explore the challenges associated with traditional enablement and training programs, and look at how winning sales teams are empowering their sellers to win. 

In the The New Sales Enablement Standard Benchmark Report, you’ll learn:

• Why focusing on key performance metrics provides an immediate baseline of a sellers’ overall performance 

• What makes for a sales enablement program that actually impacts your bottom line

• The best ways to implement ongoing learning and training initiatives on your sales team

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A New Focus on Continuous Learning Within Sales Teams

Coaching is the missing link between performance and revenue

Sales enablement drives revenue growth

Teams that have dedicated sales enablement programs are most likely to achieve revenue goals.

Without personalized, consistent, and practical reinforcement of knowledge, sellers begin to forget what they learned during onboarding.

Effective coaching results in better engagement from managers and sellers — and ultimately better win rates.

Prepare yourself for the new standard: sales readiness

Uncover the core components of a successful sales enablement strategy and how you can enact a sales readiness approach that helps sellers develop the competencies to meet their revenue goals.

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